Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ADMT Bad designs and conclusions.

This is the design of my watch. It has water resistance and a velcro strap. I think that it is a bad design because if brought into the water, the velcro strap will absorb the water and it will weaken its 'stick'. Thus, I think that watches with water resistance should be made of a plastic strap instead of a velcro strap.

ADMT Bad designs and suggestions.,r:1,s:0 are two different kinds of doors, there are those made of wood or steel without windows and those made of glass. I would say that those with no windows would not be the better design. The reason is that no-one will be able to see of either side of the door. Anyone might accidentally open the door and hit the person on the other side of the door. Thus, i would prefer that the doors should be made of glass or other transparent/ translucent object that would allow us to see the person on either side, therefore preventing any accidental injuries.